Honoring Denny Dayton


Here is the picture of our rosette head – it will have the long streamers of about 30″.
This is just a mockup, showing the design of the petals/head and the beads.


Work has started on  publishing  the Commemorative Booklet that will include photographs of Denny, Laura and the Blossom-time Cattery, some of which have never been seen.    We are requesting that people who have met Denny, or corresponded with him, send us a short story of their experience with him.  We will print as many of them as we can in the Booklet.
*  The Booklet will be at least 40 pages, with  black/white and color photographs.
*  The booklet will include articles about Denny and Laura, and articles written by Denny.
*   We are seeking sponsors to help cover the cost of the Booklet.  Sponsorship will be in the form of an ad which will be printed in the Denny Dayton Commemorative Booklet and posted on the 10th Anniversary IRC website for a single price. The ad may be for a Cattery or it may be for a memorial honoring a special Ragdoll or a Cattery from the past.
* The cost of a sponsorship will be $50.00 for a quarter page ad or memorial, or $100.00 for a half page ad.  You can send your ready made ads to  wainpearce@mac.com
If you need help with your ads send me the picture you would like to use and the information that you want included and I will have Sarah Dias set up the ad for you.
Payment may be made by Pay Pal or by check.  The Pay Pal logo is found on the sponsor page of the web site,  the10thanniversaryirc.com  as is the address for sending your payment by mail.  Make checks payable to International Ragdoll Congress.


Denny …

As some of you may know Denny Dayton passed away on April 15th, 2015.  I just received a call from the lady who is handling Denny’s affairs and was able to get some of the details of his passing.  Denny basically died of congested heart failure, his body was not producing enough red blood cells and started to retain too much water.  I had talked to Denny a little over 3 weeks ago when he was home recovering and he sounded really good.  Once his body started shutting down however, the lady said he went very quickly.

He came down sick two days after attending the TICA cat show in Portland in January and entered the hospital where they determined he was suffering from congested heart failure.  They were able to handle that and were able to send him home to recover; he had 24 hour caretaking while he was at home, but was readmitted to the hospital again soon after.  He appeared to be getting better and was sent home again, but about a week after I had talked to him, he again started failing and it was determined that sending him back to the hospital would not help.  The good news is that he did not suffer, but passed away quietly within 24 hours.

Denny was cremated and there was no service held at his request.  His doctor said he lived 5 years longer than they had predicted.  A Giant has passed from our midst and will be greatly missed.  I have known Denny for 20 years and a kinder more gentle person you will never meet.  When I became president of RFCI in 1996, Denny was the first person to call  and congratulate me.  This was my first connection with Denny, and he told me to feel free to call him any time that I had any questions about the Ragdolls; an offer I often exercised.  I will deeply miss him, he was someone who I could always turn to when I needed advice.

May you rest in Peace Denny.


IRC’s 10th Anniversary


Planning for the 10th Anniversary of the IRC is moving rapidly along.  As I have mentioned in a previous post, we will be implementing a number of new innovations for this very special show honoring Denny Dayton.  Pamela Barrett and her club TNCC have gone way out of their way to make this a very special 10th Anniversary for the Ragdoll community.

In an effort to make this a truly international IRC, Pamela has recruited a large number of TICA International Judges for the show from around the world.  We will have International Judges from Austria, France, United Kingdom, Germany, the Russian Federation, Argentina and Canada.

One of the world’s greatest feline photographer TETSU has been signed for this momentous occasion.  We will be using a new format for the Ragdoll breed seminar that I think you are going to like.  Because both Pam and I want this to be something special we have added a fourth day to the show to be used for Education Day Seminars with outstanding speakers.

We will also be using the format we developed for the 2010 and 2014 IRC’s.  IRC/TNCC are hosting 18 rings, 6 rings per day, Fri, Sat & Sun. Each ring/judge will announce and give Ragdoll awards in all 3 classes (kittens, cats, alters) to 5 places. Best-of-the-Best Ragdolls, also to 5 places, in all 3 classes, will be calculated based on an aggregate score over the 3 days, and will be awarded at the close of the show on Sunday. TNCC has hired a full time Ragdoll scorer and scores will be posted after each ring.  The people who have shown their Ragdolls under this format really like it as they feel it creates a more level playing field.